Coach, Founder & Owner, Terra Castro

After 11 years on the road racing as a professional triathlete, Coach Terra decided to return to where it all started: Detroit. Here, she founded the Be Bold Crew, a fun and friendly group of bold endurance athletes who would pop-up and train anywhere and everywhere throughout the city. 

Over a year of growing, training and racing later, Terra recognized the need to offer fitness opportunities beyond endurance sports, and eagerly jumped at the opportunity to launch the Detroit Body Garage in Detroit's West Village. Already home to many great home-grown businesses--such as The Red Hook, Parker Street Market and Sister Pie--Terra is excited to bring her commitment to helping others become vehicles of change through movement and community to this great neighborhood and city. 

- USAT Level 1 coach/USATF Level 1 coach

- USAT Youth and Junior Coach

- Owner of Detroit Body Garage Gym, in Detroit, MI

Coach Geo

Coach Geo (Geoffrey Woodman) is a endurance nut that has been competing and coaching on all levels of athletics his whole life. The BOLD decision to commit full time to a career in coaching endurance athletes while still competing and starting a meal prep business is exactly what the Be Bold Crew is all about.

Available for online programming, personal training, guidance on fueling and nutrition, or just for a swell conversation at any time. Get in touch on Facebook (Geoffrey Douglas Woodman) or by emailing

-  USAT Level 1 coach


The Detroit Body Garage brings you the very best coaches Detroit has to offer.

Coach Megan


I've been an elementary school Music teacher for 9 years. My dad has always been a runner, so I caught the bug running a mile fun run in elementary school and volunteering for the Olympic T&F trials with him in New Orleans, where I grew up. I’ve been a “Y Kid” since age 5, so I started working out when I was 13. I ran high school track and cross country for Livonia Stevenson. After high school I continued to run for fun, but I didn’t start to train seriously until 2013. My current favorite distance is the half marathon.

Running as a kid, for almost 19 years, has given me a lot of perspective on why I run and what Being Bold means to me. I’ve been the new runner who thought racing 2 miles sucked and the seasoned runner who's excited for a 15 mile long run.  I know the joy of finally feeling like running is actually fun!  I’ve learned the value of a great coach who explains “why.” Being Bold means living in a state of duplicity, continually evaluating what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how you can improve; while, at the same time, finding peace and joy in the present and enjoying what each mile has to offer. Being Bold means waking up each day, ready to give 'em hell, whether that’s completing your first 5k or tackling your first marathon.

-  RRCA Long Distance Certified Coach

- Contact:

- Currently training for: Detroit Free Press Marathon

Coach Amanda

Amanda has been a vegan runner for 8 years. She is an elementary teacher and coaches a Girl's Running Club at her school. For Amanda being BOLD means believing in herself and stepping outside of her comfort zone.  Follow her blog Vegan Road Runner

-  RRCA Long Distance Certified Coach

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- Currently training for: Boston Marathon

Coach Cindy

Cindy believes her dharma, or duty, is to offer yoga to people.  Her personal yoga practice is an important part of her life, and she does her best to channel her empirical understanding of the holistic benefits of yoga into her teaching. Cindy’s teaching style is inclusive and supportive, and she seeks to connect with students to encourage their growth within their own yoga practice. Cindy’s classes offer challenges to both body and mind as students experience methodical, progressive avenues of learning and practice through vinyasa krama (a step taken in the right direction).

Cindy is a certified yoga teacher and has been teaching since 2012. She owns Detroit Community Yoga, LLC., and one of her most popular programs is Bikes and Yoga, a free class on Belle Isle from May to September.

Coach Ryan

On August 7, 2012, weighing 270lbs and leading an entirely sedentary lifestyle, Ryan started counting calories. By the end of 2013, he had lost over 70lbs and competed in nine running and obstacle course races. By 2014, Ryan had found his racing soulmate in Triathlon and has now successfully competed in seven triathlons, twice narrowly missing a spot on the podium. 

Endurance Sports can be intimidating for even experienced athletes, but Ryan wants to help break down those barriers for beginners. Having overcome his own battles with weight and poor fitness, he understands that it's not easy. But that's what being Bold means to Ryan: A willingness to dig deep and do the things that aren't easy--to do something new to become a better version of you. 

If you're ready to start your journey toward a healthier and happier you in an encouraging and intimidation-free environment, join Ryan and the Be Bold Beginners today. 

Find out more about Ryan and follow his fitness journey at

Coach Alan

National Record Holding Powerlifter, Physique Athlete, and United States Air Force Service member Coach Alan has years of experience to steer you toward you toward a stronger, healthier you. Find Coach Alan every Tuesday and Thursday coaching Torque alongside Coach Geo.

Coach Vanessa

Vanessa's professional career in fitness started two years ago in Detroit, MI.  As she grew into coaching, she created her own class integrating core, cardio and strength training.  She has extremely talented coaching friends who have given her wonderful opportunities to be a part of the Detroit community.