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Check out our classes below to find something that sounds up your alley. Feel like you need more of an overhaul than a little maintenance? No problem! Our highly skilled coaches are ready to work with you at any level, from a Weekend Cruiser to a Drag Strip Racer. This is not a one-size-fits-all type of gym.

Detroit Body Garage

Our signature class. This class will utilize everything that your machine and our garage bring to the table. You will see tastes of suspension bands, barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, bodyweight, balance & mobility tools. Class structure will be circuit based, and will be programmed to focus on each major muscle group.


Core, Conditioning and Corrective work.

Work on making your Weaknesses your Strength + Injury Prevention.

Rebuilding one part at a time. 

High Octane

Ignite your engine with a HIIT (high intensity, interval training) workout. Powerful and effective.

Full body focused.

Turn the key to jumpstart your aerobic + anaerobic system!


Barbell basics at its core. This class will be programmed in a 16 week cycle with knowledge being built in all barbell movements. Olympic lifting, and traditional power lifting movements will be introduced and developed throughout each cycle.

Class limited to 12 athletes.


Need a jump start to get you through the afternoon at work? Tune up will get you in gear to excel through the afternoon at your desk. A quick 30 min session of high intensity fitness & we will send you back to the office ready to tackle the rest of your day.


Work all your parts. Boot camp with a twist: you can bring your kids.  We will have a staff member on hand to watch you child while you sweat. 

All levels class. Limited to 10 participants.

Please note while we do not have daycare space, we want to get you working out. Baby wearing also acceptable. 

Classic Cruisers

Senior Strength training is a fun filled 45 minutes class that stresses flexibility, strength, and toning. 

This is a Senior-specific fitness class. All levels welcome.

Body Garage Yoga

Body Garage Yoga is a fusion of alignment-based styles tailored to the needs of the members and athletes who attend classes at the Detroit Body Garage. Body Garage Yoga is a training supplement that will help athletes and members reach their BOLD goals.

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